Sunday, September 15, 2019

We'd had enough

Today we were supposed to start our river system segment of the Great Loop. Our buddy boat left yesterday. We hoped to meet up with them in Joliet this afternoon.

However, Mother Nature had other plans. We woke to a decent thunderstorm. Most if it, however, was south of us -- in Joliet. We decided to wait until the weather passed, and during that time, Martha of As You Wish texted us, saying things were a mess down there. First, the storm had stirred up a bunch of debris on the river. All the boats were facing downriver, to sticks and grass and logs were catching on them. (Note to self: always part facing upriver.) 

Second, due to the lightning and wind, the Marseilles lock (the one right below them) had to close and got behind. They warned the pleasure boaters (us) that they should try coming through today.

Beluga Whale at Shedd Aquarium
As a result, nobody moved. And the Joliet wall was already stuffed. So. We stayed put.

On the other hand, we'd had enough of Burnham Harbor. Decent facility, good location, but we were sooooooo tired of being bounce around with any wind from the south. And, for the five days we were there, four of them had strong south winds.

So. We moved. To DuSable Harbor, just one mile up the lake.

It's so still here... yaaaaasssssss...
Cat-n-Dogs in DuSable Harbor, bedecked in her new canvas

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