Saturday, September 7, 2019

South Haven to Michigan City

Lots of swells. As we'd go down them, we'd go
faster. Which Nebo marked as red on the line.
New state, hello, Indiana.

New time zone: Central.

Not a great day. Not even a good day. Pretty much a bad day.

Waters hadn't fully settled from the churn of the night before. While the winds calmed, we had 2 - 3 foot swells, with the occasional 4, all the way here. The only reason that wasn't miserable was that the seas were following, coming from behind us and moving our way. Mostly. We got an occasional swell from the west, because as far as we can tell, Lake Michigan can't just have waves from one direction. Ever.

It was enough to make me go below and ride from the inside helm. Russ stayed on the fly bridge, pretty much unphased by the motion. Lots of bouncing, sliding, twisting, but no slamming.
Pretty flowers with LARGE petals. As big as your hand.
Sometime you'd expect in Hawai'i, not Michigan.

Plus the sun was out and the skies were blue. Around us it was lovely.

One more day until Chicago. We're only 40 miles now. But the water and weather is looking worse than today. 

This was Dorian a few days ago through the eyes of an app
called Windy. What's striking is how land affects the winds.
Windy is our go-to weather app, popular with loopers
This lake is just gonna make me fully hate it by the time I get off it.

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