Monday, September 9, 2019

Michigan City to CHICAGO!!!! WOOOO!

I will try to curb my enthusiasm.

Technically we're not off the lake yet. In fact, it reminds us of that fact since we're bouncing a bit in the Burnham marina. However, we no longer have to cross it. The only bit left to do is take Cat-n-Dogs up to the first lock that gets us on the Chicago River.

I'm very glad we didn't try to cross yesterday. It was cold and dreary, and the wind and water didn't look at all friendly, especially in the last half of the trip. Today, however, was fair. The wind was behind us, so we have a mostly following sea. I say mostly because -- it seems to be a law on this lake -- we also had waves on our beam. As we got closer to Chicago the waves grew from 1 to 2 feet. Square, too, so there was some meat to them. Our autopilot had a hard time maintaining a straight line.
Misty city skyline.

The weather also kept us from seeing the city as we approached. I'm sure on a clear day it's pretty awesome coming into Chicago. Actually, it was pretty awesome anyway.

About three weeks ago Russ contacted a canvas company here in Chicago. We're going to fully enclosed the fly deck. We decided this was necessary for the coming river run, believing this fall would be as nippy as the spring and summer had been. Enclosing the top deck means we can heat it if need be. Most folks who have enclosed deck say if the sun is out it acts like a greenhouse. I'm down with that.

Our marina is next to Soldier Field
We got into Chicago around noon. They came by at 2 pm to take measurements. The install will happen Friday. I love it when a plan comes together.

Chicago sunset

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