Monday, September 2, 2019

Ludington to Muskegon

Two days ago the trip was okay. Yesterday it wasn't great. Today, it was "Jane, stop this crazy thing!" I'm not liking the trend.

We were shooting for Grand River, which was only another 10 miles away, but the water was just dreadful. Right out the gate we hit 2 - 3 foot waves, which dwindled to 2, then grew back to 3. For the entire trip we bobbed, dipped, slammed, and tipped. Loopers call Lake Michigan Lake Washing-machine. Today was a prime example of why -- the water is frequently confused, so waves come at you from more than one angle. As a result, you just can make the ride smoother. You just have to get beat.

Weather is coming again bringing really high winds for the next two days, so we're going to stay here for that time. Fine by me. Been a long couple of days. Our buddy boat says we've covered 198 miles in the last three trips. Time for some down time.

Ultimately, it was too bad we left Ludington. Cute town, lots to do, and all very walkable from the boat. Would have been a fine place to spend the next couple of days. But we wanted to keep our momentum southward, and all the apps and info we could gather claimed it would be a fine trip. (Liars, all of them.) We are getting there, though.
The Badger -- heading back out for the evening

Last night some loopers gathered for docktails. While there the Badger came in. The Badger is an old (and currently the only remaining) coal powered ferry that goes between Ludington, MI and Manitowoc, WI. Watching it park was quite the event. It doesn't require tugs to help it in. It heads right into the port, drops its anchor, and uses that to flip itself against the loading dock. Crazy to watch, yet worked incredibly well.

I'm inspired to try it sometime.

Below is a glimpse of our day today:

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