Thursday, September 12, 2019

Sights of Chicago

Our view looking north at the city.
I need to preface this with a comment about Lake Michigan. Turns out we're not done with it yet. Or rather, it's not done with us. Technically we are parked on it, since the marina is on the lake. Why this matters, of course, is that weather on the lake can still affect us. And it has. If the winds come up from the south it creates bouncy waves in the marina. Furthermore, since we're transients, we got the worst spot -- hanging out on a t-head. Our first night here was very unsettled. I swear I felt like I was near being airborne, tossed form bed.

A lone tree on the waterfront.
Chicago is one of my favorite cities. Our first day here we rented bikes and headed to Navy Pier. From there we caught an architectural tour on the river. We'd done it a couple of years ago, but this time we paid close attention to the bridges. We're' planning on cruising out that way when we leave here.

Last night we had a light show from Mother Nature. A large storm, well north of us, slipped by with a bunch of lightning-illuminated clouds. I watched it for over an hour. The weather has been hot and sticky, which was a welcomed change from the nippy temps we've had the past month.

Apparently, you can't grill on your boat. So folks bring their own.
This collection just made me laugh.
Tonight we're planning on doing "Adult Night" at the Shedd Aquarium. No kids allowed.

Right up my alley.

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