Thursday, September 5, 2019

Muskegon to South Haven

At this point we've abandoned the idea of getting to Wisconsin. We're just heading south with the intention of crossing over the Chicago from Michigan City or St. Joseph. Assuming we ever have a weather day to do that.

Today was amazing. Beyond amazing. Not glass-like, mind you, but not far off. Originally we thought we'd get to Saugatuck, but the marina prices there were a bit outrageous, more expensive than Chicago. Besides, it was nice to chunk down another piece of this lake.

We started the day with a small task of calibrating our electronic compass. We noticed it was about 30 degrees or so off from the rest of our gadgets. To do that you have to put it in a calibrate mode and drive in circles. Our Nebo map amused me.
Boat Donuts! Wooooo!

That said, last night it looked like we'd have 3 or 4 good travel days ahead of us, which would get us to Chicago by the 8th of September. However, it looks like tomorrow is going to be another big, blustery day with winds to 20 mph. Waves are predicted to be 2 - 4 feet, and our experience with the Lake Michigan weather reporting is that their wave prediction is always under estimated.

So, fine, we'll stay here another night. It's looking like we won't get another good day for a while. 

Oddly, the closer we get to Chicago, the farther it seems to be.

I wish all the days on the lake were just like this.
I mean, seriously! Look at that water!

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