Friday, May 17, 2019

Solomons to Oxford

After spending several weeks in marinas we decided we should take a few days to anchor out. Folks have raved about the little rivers and niches on the east side of the bay, with easy dinghy dock access for the doggies and sheltered coves. We decided to explore them.

This also gave us a "dress rehearsal" for next weekend. Memorial day. We're sure that if the weather is halfway decent, every marina will be packed. Russ and I plan to anchor out that weekend and stay away from the mass boating experience, maybe kayak somewhere, dinghy to a restaurant... low key holiday plans.

Skies were just a little gloomy, but the wind remained calm for the whole trip. Seas were one foot or less. We passed a number of fishing boats, so clearly the weekend has begun for some folks.

Moonrise in Oxford.
Once we got to the little town we dropped anchor (again, all of this is getting easier and more comfortable), loaded up the pooches in the dinghy, and took them to shore.

We struggled a bit to find the public docks but ended up parking in the slips of a restaurant, Capsize. Turns out they're dog friendly. We gave Savannah and Lizzie a walk, then went back for a late lunch; corn and crab bisque, ahi lettuce wraps, and monk fish tacos. All were excellent.

After dropping me and the dogs off, Russ did some shopping, taking the dinghy back to town. I showered and hung out with the dogs. We ended the day watching the sunset from the fly deck.

Looper friends, Martha and John (As You Wish), anchored with us. They took the photo above.

This made me laugh.
Better not be near the slush machines!

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