Saturday, May 4, 2019

Chesapeake to Norfolk (Rendezvous!)

This marks a couple of milestones. First, we're out of the ICW. We won't see it again until we get back to the gulf.

Secondly, Russ calculated that we've traveled more miles thus far than there are to get to Canada. We've been doing the loop for over two months, starting to hit our stride.

The trip up here was only about seven miles. It took roughly an hour longer than it should have due to a train. The bridge is way too low to pass under so we (and the three other boats traveling with us) had to wait.

The terrain was quite different from the swamp of a few days ago. We went from lush green, trees, and ivy to shipyards, oil containers, and military gunboats. 

Docking was a little tricky, since we had to navigate through a number of fairways, with twists and turns to get to our slip. Then docked stern in. On the radio they told us it would be a port side tie, but when we saw the slip it was starboard. I had to hold position while Russ moved fenders and lines to the other side. It was good weather, but in general it's all getting to be a little easier to do.

Took a walk yesterday over the bridge.
Cat-n-Dogs is 2nd from the right. 

From the swamp to the jungle

Looks weird since I took the pic
through the isinglass

Currently the "back yard"

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