Sunday, May 26, 2019

Rock Hall to Bohemia Bay

The trip here was pretty good, except for two things: The really shallow shoal just outside Rock Hall you have to travel around (note the loop at the bottom of the map) and Memorial Day traffic. I get it -- most folks work five day workweeks, so when a long weekend comes they go crazy. And by that I mean fast. There's a code on the waterways which is "You are responsible for your wake." These guys and their ultra-fast, ultra-big Sea Rays don't care. They can do 25 knots so they're going to do 25 knots, wakes be damned.

Needless to say, we were rocked a number of times. Not as bad as the Tangier run, but unnecessary.

This stop, close to the Chesapeake/Delaware Canal, is largely to prep for the next few days of travel, whenever the weather lets us get to them. From here we have some open waters before we get to the Hudson; the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic. Tides will be an issue we need to pay attention to. Working with them, you can get an extra 4 knots of speed, against, of course, you'll go 4  knots slower. That can make for a long day.

Cloudy, but placid waters. Good boating day.
The Harbor Hosts here know the area well. We've already spent some time with them going over weather, tides, and what to expect. Useful stuff for us newbies.

Our next stop is Delaware City, about 23 NM away. From there, it's a straight shot down the Delaware Bay into Cape May. 

That also means we'll be leaving yet another state. Gotta say, Maryland has the coolest state flag. Looks so regal, to me.

See? Ain't that a cool flag?

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