Friday, May 24, 2019

A couple of days at Rock Hall

Who remembers these???
Weather has determined we stay put for a while, with small craft advisories and thunderstorms (the latter were pretty cool, really). With the aid of our trusty dinghy (I think I'm going to refer to it as "Kitty", being a very small boat compared to Cat-n-Dogs) we went to town a couple of times for lunch.

Thursday we ate at Pearl on Main. We selected it because it's downtown and they offered a couple of vegetarian options. While eating (portobello mushroom sandwich and a cauliflower cheese "steak") we took a hard look at the surroundings. Behind us was a real, honest-to-goodness, phone booth -- complete with phone. When I took a picture the owner came over. He'd lived in Rock Hall his entire life and knew the history of every building downtown. This, he pointed out, was the pharmacy/drug store. The booth we sat in was original (since they had a soda fountain) as was all the wood work and still working bar. Even bottles that decorated the place were original.

The following day we ate at Harbor Shack. We split the coconut shrimp and the crab cakes, and enjoyed the warm sun and breeze.

Koi pond at one of the marinas

In case you forgot you were in a
waterman's town

Original bottles at the drug store.
RHIT they contain the original drugs, too.

Sunny deck of the Harbor Shack

The harbor. Even if you're ATON savvy
this one is a bit confusing.
Basically, stay out of the middle!

You know they haven't been there a while
when ospreys are nesting on the boat

After tonight, the anchor tally is 12. 

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