Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Bohemia Bay to Delaware City (update)

The new NEBO data... ooooOOOoooo!
The day did not start out swimmingly. Right off it looked light rain was coming. We wanted to head out around 8 am, but was in full swing by that point. 

We did get underway around 9 am. Besides some debris floating in the canal and hefty wakes from the commercial traffic on the Delaware Bay the trip was uneventful. We fueled at the fuel dock, the parked her on the long pier that is the marina, running almost the full length of the channel.

We're hanging out until 3:30 this afternoon for the dockmaster's "briefing." I've posted a pic of how we're all parked along this narrow channel, bow to stern. There will be a strict order of who-leaves-first and when given to us at that time. Then, we're off to Crabby Dick's. 

Another state down -- we're in Delaware. If the weather turns out as predicted, we'll be in New Jersey tomorrow.

The narrow canal that is Delaware City Marina

Again with the gray skies and calm water.
Frankly, it's all about calm water!


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