Friday, May 31, 2019

Cape May to Atlantic City

After the storms of the last three days a drier spell rolled in this morning. Seas were a bit rough early, but all predictions claimed things would get better and better as the day went along. I'm happy to say that was true.

Russ and I went to a pancake place in Cape May (really great little beach town, by the way) then started engines around 9:30 am. We were underway by 10.

Inlets are always a bit tricky, and the one from Cape May into the Atlantic was no exception. Bumpy and churned, we bobbled a bit getting outside. Once we were there and made the turn up the coast, the ride smoothed considerably.

While the seas were 2 or ever 3 feet at times, we encountered nothing but swells. No waves. Which meant we trundled a bit, rolling along the water. Sun was shining, air was warm, and we could see the coastline the entire way.

Atlantic City on the horizon.
We decided to make use of an anchorage right across from the city. We dropped anchor near As You Wish (who left left earlier in the morning to get here). John suggested we raft together for the night, so we did. But by 7 pm we started to swing. We didn't want to have the anchor lines get tangles so we parted ways, with us moving just a bit farther out. I went to start our engines and...

The port engine won't start. It had that "dead battery" surge to it. Unable to turn it over we limped away on one engine and safely anchored. 

John and Martha shot this picture as we tried to anchor
with one engine. The sunset was amazing!
Russ is investigating options, like using the starboard battery to start the port engine. We planned on getting an early start in the morning and get all the way to New York by late afternoon. Looked like a great day to go outside, better than today. But we may have to hold up here for a while. We'd already been contacted by the Atlantic City Harbor Host, so I'm confident we can get help if we need it (like a lift to a West Marine or auto store to get a new battery).

Stay tuned...

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