Friday, May 10, 2019

Norfolk to Cape Charles

...the great crossing of the Chesapeake Bay.

Weather is a tricky thing. You watch it for days, and you see consistent reports that something is coming, so you plan accordingly. And something is coming on the weekend. Conference completed we decided to head out first thing in the morning. Spoiler alert: it went perfectly.

We saw that the tides were going to change from low to high, so we could ride out the outgoing tide to get out of the river into the bay, then ride the incoming tide up the bay. The first part went well, but the second, not so much. Tides are slow, so even though we were heading north during a rising tide, it took it a while to do us any good. Progress was slow.

Last of Norfolk
Another reason for the hasty exit was the winds, which were calm when we walked dogs this morning. We made our coffees and headed out.

Seas were 1 - 2 feet, so we did a little bobbin' every now and again, but nothing major or particularly thrilling. 

Upon arrival the marina put us on hold. Apparently there was a large boat being launched and they wanted the channel clear to get it done. We had to wait fifteen minutes or so. Then we were given a go.

They had us dock in a corner, which was a little tricky to get into. As a choice I took stern in. I decided that would be easier to get the weird maneuver done now than back out, especially since everything was calm now. You never know what it will be like when we need to leave.
Land Ho! If you squint, that is...

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