Thursday, May 2, 2019

Dismal Swamp to Chesapeake

Another one bites the dust... states, that is. We say "farewell" to North Carolina and "hello" to Virginia.

From the map you can see it was a largely straight run through the remainder of the Dismal Swamp. Still narrow, and still quite shallow throughout most of it. The only real excitement in the day was passing a dredge, which has never gone well for us. This would be our third. It went without incident -- for us, anyway. The boat ahead of us did hit the dredge pipe, but suffered no damage. They just reported a "bump" as they went over it.

We locked through another lock to get onto the Chesapeake, which is largely still north of us. Both locks also have bridges near them that need to be opened for the boats, both around 10 feet high. That's done by one person. They hear you call and open the bridge, then drive (as you float) to the lock to lock you through. That's why it's only done four times a day, otherwise these poor people would be running back and forth all day long. Explained one lock master, we also do the grounds keeping and the lock maintenance. Essentially, they live there.

This little guy tried to hitch a ride
Look closely at the rope on the left
Polly, avert your eyes!
We're not far from Norfolk. Rather than push through we stopped here at Top Rack Marina to top off our fuel and spend a night. Maybe two. Thunderstorms are predicted for Saturday and Sunday, and our reservation in Norfolk starts Sunday. I'd rather be there by Saturday if we can. That way I can enjoy the storms (that never, ever seems to show up when we're that organized).

Navionics gave me this route.
Not a warm-and-fuzzy feeling when it tracks you
over land. Thankfully, it was really water.
At the Deep Creek Lock.
You can see the little house on the left.
That's where the lockmaster lives.

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