Thursday, April 4, 2019

Wahoo (!!) to Sunbury

Just after we left Wahoo (Wahoo!!) we called Isle of Hope to see if we could get there a couple days early. They told us no, but we could tie up at the fuel dock after 5 pm and get moved in the morning. Which sounded fine, and we mulled it over. But Russ had read a number of looper blogs about Sunbury and while 5 nautical miles off the ICW, some say it might be one of the best stops on the coast.

We absolutely want to be in Isle of Hope by Saturday, and the storm that is hammering New Orleans now is on its way here. It shouldn't be much of an issue by the time it gets to the coast, but you never know. We decided to risk it. Isle of Hope isn't far, 32 nautical miles, so it should take us 4 hours or so from here. If we can't (or don't want to) try Friday, we can make it Saturday, which is looking lovely for traveling.

Thus, Sunbury. Lovely place, friendly people.

The trip here was quick, just a couple of hours. Because it's so small it isn't staffed like other marinas. In fact, we hailed them on the radio, and some local responded, saying they don't monitor the radio and we had to call them on the phone. Russ did, a number of times, but got no answer. We crept onto the place to see if we could just dock and sort out details later (kind of a, "ask for forgiveness rather than permission" thing). 

The fuel dock was wide open. I picked a spot, lined the boat up, Russ hooked a cleat on the dock and we parked ourselves. Which may be a first for us -- typically some dock worker comes and meets you. We tied her up, harnessed up the dogs, and took a walk to find someone to pay. We were the only ones there, so we felt the odds were good. Just under the pier was a porch swing. We sat, enjoyed the breeze with dogs on our laps, and waited.

Eventually, it got sorted. Such is the south.

The restaurant opens at 5 pm. We had garlic shrimp, blue crabs, and the flounder... and some Kentucky Pie for desert. The owner, who knew we were "the boaters" stopped by and chatted for a while. 

LOOPERS! Stop by here! It's worth the detour.
   1) Crazy deep water so easy in and out
   2) Looper discounts
   3) Quiet place
   4) Power, water, floating dock, and a wonderful restaurant

What more could you ask for?

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