Monday, April 15, 2019

It was too much for me

On foot in Charleston
Yesterday the storm came in. Slowly. Slow enough that we got to enjoy most of the day and took an amazing walk, covering most of Charleston. I think we both logged over 25,000 steps on our fitness trackers.

Then the night came, and with it the wind. We had gusts over 20 mph, which doesn't seem like much unless you're living on a boat in an unprotected marina.

It's such a shame, really. There are three marinas in the Charleston area and none of them are protected. Most marinas, especially when they are on a large body of water like the sound, have breaker walls of some kind. Without that, when any boat goes by you get waked. When the wind picks up you get waked. When the cruise ships, car haulers, or freighters go by ... well, you get the picture. So when the storm hit its height, starting around 9 pm, I couldn't deal. I abandoned ship, leaving my dogs and husband. 

I checked into a hotel.

Luckily one was within walking distance from here. And upon hearing my story about rolling seas and roiling stomach, they gave me a substantial price break for the night. I checked in at 10 pm and out at 5:30 the next morning so I could help Russ walk the dogs.

That said, Charleston is an amazing little town. The Charleston Maritime Marina, while small, is ideally located to the French Quarter and restaurants. We will be back. However, if we boat here, we're making our hotel reservations in advance.

If you're interested, I stayed at the Ansonborough Inn. It is glorious.

PS. I talked to the neighboring boat this morning and asked how they slept. They confessed that, due to being sick, just fine. They took some benedryl. I may need to go to the drug store tomorrow...

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