Sunday, April 7, 2019

A Day in Savannah

The Talmadge Bridge and a riverboat cruise
Saturday was a busy day. We started with some exercise, which is key when you live on a boat since you sit around a fair bit. Russ took a run while I did my "jumpy things." Way back in San Francisco I started a 15 minute high-intensity workout routine that I continue to do today, albeit not as frequently as I'd like. Given some of the exercises are high-impact, I call the routine "jumpy things." Between that, some yoga, and walks or bike rides, I stay fairly agile.
Mind where you walk

Once done it was time to wash the boat. It got washed back in Titusville, when the diver cleaning the bottom did the sides, too. But between salt water and some brown waters of the ICW, Cat-n-Dogs was due for a bath. We lowered the dinghy and used it as a wash platform. I stayed on the boat and managed lines, keeping the dinghy from floating away, while Russ washed the stern, port side, and bow. I'll do the starboard side today, which is accessible from the pier. Made a HUGE difference.
How some folks get to their homes

Next we picked up a rental car and headed to Savannah to enjoy lunch and the afternoon. Along the river Savannah is quite a nifty town. Touristy, true. But great architecture, old cobblestone roads, and a network of stairs and bridges for pedestrians to navigate.

When we got back, excitment was happening. A tow boat was hauling a barge down the river. It was carrying a bunch of pipe we think for dredging. But the haul was about 1000 feet long. Making the turn just by our boat I shot the following video, just in case things went awry (had to put it on YouTube since it was too big).

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