Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Gonna be an exodus!

High tideLow tide

That sign is over 6 feet high.
Due to the weather, and the timing for those doing the loop, the Brunswick Landing Marina had a significant number of loopers staying this weekend. There were 7 looper boats on our dock alone, and others sprinkled about on the other 6 piers. We've had a couple of evening gatherings to share stories, experiences, and destinations. Some have finished already, others on their way home, and others (like us) have only just begun.

The storm came and went, dropping temps nearly twenty degrees. The sun has finally peaked out a bit. Tomorrow should be a great day to leave. Rumor has it that at least seven boats agree. There will be a small traffic jam in the morning while we all shove off.

As for us we plan on anchoring tomorrow night somewhere, then getting into Isle of Hope, our destination for the next week, which is close to Savannah.

Cat-n-Dogs at sunset

Loopers in Brunswick

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