Friday, April 5, 2019

Sunbury to Isle of Hope

When we woke up this morning we'd planned on staying another day in Sunbury. When we went to bed the forecast called for t-storms all day. It rained during the night. But walking dogs, while overcast, we noticed the wind was calm. Taking the bird in the hand, we decided to make the run to Isle of Hope.

We crossed a couple of inlets where the water bumped a bit, but nothing dramatic. We even hit high tide (a good thing) as we went through Hell's Gate, a known narrow and shallow channel between Ogeechee and the Little Ogeechee Rivers. With the exception of nippy gusts of wind every now and again, the trip was fine.

Lots of twisty waterways to get to Isle of Hope. Looking at the map it's clear Google can't keep track of them all. We hailed the port, they responded, and put us on the dock closest to the ICW. They wanted us on the starboard side, so I had to bring her about 180 degrees to get her docked. But it all went smoothly, despite the current and the breeze.

This is the flounder from the Sunbury Crab Co.
It was fantastic!
Cool remnants of something. I don't know what.
You see it coming in and out of Sunbury
We immediately took a walk and ate at a Mexican restaurant called Jalapeno's. Coming from San Francisco (and even Florida), it didn't deserve the high Google and Yelp rating it has. True, it wasn't the worst we've had, either. I'm thinking our journey is taking us away from good Mexican food opportunities!

Isle of Hope is a darling town, by the way. The walk took us along cute little roads with gorgeous Spanish moss covered trees and quaint homes.

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