Thursday, April 25, 2019

Campbell Creek to Belhaven

Very short ride today, only a couple of hours. Another open water run. The weather and wind cooperated, so the crossing was placid. Warm weather (finally!!!) and lots of sun made it the perfect day to be on the water.

We planned on being here for two nights largely due to weather. The prediction is another storm will blow through tomorrow. While the last few predictions did have wind, we haven't seen much rain, and certainly no thunderstorms. If we weren't overly cautious, there were some travel days we let go by. We are ahead of schedule now, so we're not worried about wasting a couple of days here and there. We're just a few travel days from Norfolk, and we're not due to get there until May 5.

Sunrise on Campbell Creek
When Russ called the Belhaven Marina, which is downtown, he got an answering machine. He left his contact info, but the marina never called back. Meanwhile, he read about River Forest Marina, who just remodeled and are AGLCA sponsors. They had room, and that's where we docked this morning. Free laundry, free use of golf carts (they have three), exceptionally clean bathrooms, and a glorious manor (an event facility) on sprawling green grounds. We plan on taking a tour tomorrow. 

Safe for another storm in Belhaven
The place is fabulous, and just three blocks from downtown. 

So there, Belhaven Marina!

We'll just call this art

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