Saturday, March 16, 2019

Titusville -- things to do

Should you ever be in the marina for a week or so, there are a number of things you can do here. Like, see the manatees! There's a water line that leaks, and for some reason, the manatees prefer city water over the vast water they're swimming in. They're hangin' out fifty feet from our boat. Gotta watch to the end...

Cape Canaveral is just across the way, so watch a launch. The best view is from a little park, about a mile away. We walked there hoping for an unobstructed view, but the launch got delayed and we had dogs to walk for the evening. We saw if from the fly deck. It was clear, however, the thing to witness was the actual lift off, which was blocked by buildings and trees. Maybe next time. Because it was dark I couldn't get any decent pictures. Imagine a single bright star in the sky, and that's about what it looked like.

It's gonna go up over there!
I was shocked to see the people who came to watch.
Thought by now they'd be over it.
Lastly, chores. Russ picked up the canvas yesterday, so we took time this morning (while the air was still) to put her up. Whadya think?

Russ pulling the leash line. It's fastened with zip ties first.

Halfway done.
Ta Da!

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