Friday, March 1, 2019

Okay, another long day

... and probably one more to go.

Wonderful weather. We were headed out by 7:30 am, wove our way out from our anchorage, and stayed on the ICW all day long. A bit congested around Cape Coral and Ft Myers, but otherwise a really great ride.

In watching the weather it looks like the winds will come up on Sunday. We'd rather not cross the lake on windy day, so we are going to do it Saturday. Which meant getting another long day in to get us to striking distance tomorrow. Which will be (wait for it...) another long day.

Things we like to see -- dolphins!
Sunday, then, will be very short. So there's that.

We tied up in the small town of LaBelle along their city docks, which are free. We have power here, which is handy since the AC is running (it was in the 80s today, and the cabin got hot!). 

Our anchor people friends, Jill and Rudy, are currently parked in LaBelle at a funky little marina called Belle Hatchee. We all got together for dinner; took a drive around the tiny town, and ate at an Italian place, then we got a tour of their boat. The marina looked more like a bayou, lots of big trees and Spanish moss, and a twisty inlet. Rustic and pretty.

Cute little dock in LaBelle. Strict rules. You can
stay for 3 nights, but you have to be gone for 8.
But ours is free!!! Did I mention the free part?

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