Thursday, March 21, 2019

T-ville to New Symrna Beach

The light blue is a low speed zone.
Apparently, gmaps thinks I walked.
Took a while to get underway this morning. Firstly we needed to get the bottom of the boat cleaned. We had an appointment yesterday morning to get that done, but the wind was so bad that the poor diver would have had a bouncing catamaran to work under. He didn't seem down with that. So he came out at 8 am, quite happy we didn't insist he do it yesterday, and gave us a bit of extra cleaning, wiping off the brown stain along our sides from Lake Okeechobee.

Next we needed to fuel up. We puttered up to the fuel dock and did just that before departing. 

Quick math quiz: We have two tanks, one for each engine, and each hold 300 gallons of diesel fuel. At the price of $3.20 per gallon, how big a heart attack am I going to have when we tank up? (I'm comin' Elizabeth!)

Calm day weather wise as we tooted up the Indian River, through the Haulover Canal (made for NASA), and onto Mosquito Lagoon. In fact, weather wise we had no issues. We did have a couple of "what the hell is that guy doing?" moments. The first was a boat headed right at us, which isn't uncommon. Many boats (speed boats) do that, then veer off kinda last minute. That way you cross their wakes at a better angle (at least that's what I think they're doing, otherwise they're just jerks). But this guy (quite an older gentleman) had a small boat full of family and two large dogs. He came at us, came at us, came at us...

Farewell, Titusville
Quick note about boating: There is a pecking order for who needs to give the right of way and who has it. Basically, the least maneuverable you are, the higher on the list you are. So, big motor boats have the right of way over small motor boats, since they can easily move about you.

We're not huge, but we were definitely bigger than this guy, clearly. And he kept coming at us. I had to stop my boat. Then he turned, and came close enough that one of his party could have reached out and touched our sides. Bozo.

A while later, we took a little side fairway (this is what our navigation aids told us to do) called Sheephead Cut. It's faster than staying on the ICW. Not to mention prettier. While deep the channel isn't very wide. Ahead of us were three kayakers -- in the channel. As I approached them, they stayed right in the channel.

Quick note about boating (2): Motor boats have to give way to non-motor vessels (again, due to maneuverability) like sailboats (with sails unfurled), paddleboards, row boats, and -- you guessed it -- kayakers.

So I slow, and I slow, and I slow down, again coming to a flippin' stop. My husband went out on the bow and kindly asked them to GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! I mean, they can be anywhere; they're tiny little boats with tiny little drafts. I have to be right here. Bozos. (I never think to take pictures of these things. I'll get better, I'm sure)

Anchored near New Symrna Beach.
Those are fellow anchorers.
At the end of the day we reached our anchorage, dropped anchor, and parked for the night.

We immediately had to take the dogs to shore via the dinghy. Unlike previous anchorages that had some kind of pier for dinghys, this one only has some sandy beaches. We got to practice the "run the boat onto the beach, jump out, and tie it off" stunt. Went fine, but it will be interesting to do in the dark tomorrow morning.

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