Sunday, March 3, 2019

Things we like to see

That little hitch in the crossing is due to a rocky reef.
Back when we had an RV it wasn't uncommon that we'd put in very long days. Sometimes that was out of necessity. We'd be traveling across south Texas in July, which combined very hot days with very long days. It didn't make sense to stop, since you couldn't sit outside and enjoy yourself, so you might as well keep driving.

But driving is very stressful, even on two lanes in Texas where there's nothing but cows and windmills, moreso if you're on an interstate and driving 80 MPH (which is legal there --- I don't speed!). Boating isn't like that at all. If the ride is uncomfortable, say you were in some swelly, crashing waves, that's one thing. But the last couple of days have been ideal. Calm winds, calm waters. Even across the lake, which was placid.

Osprey. Love seeing those.
So when we got to the other side of the lake we discussed ending the day there. However, we just didn't feel comfortable about anchoring.

Which brings me to my main point, things we like to see. We love dolphins, of course, and the cool, big birds of Florida. We're less happy with another critter in the wild, the alligator. Frankly, this part of the state is riddled with them. While on the ICW between LaBelle and the lake, there were sections where we saw one every fifty feet or so. I'm not that wild about putting myself or my dogs near those jaws, because quite frankly, if I had to choose between a dog and my leg, not a tough decision. As a result, when we got to Mayaca we decided to press on, so we could easily get the dogs to and from land without any toothy issues.

Dolphins, of course. Love seeing those.

I saw the pink and thought flamingo.
But these are roseated spoonbills.
Like seeing those!

Not so happy to see those. I think they're cool and all,
just not pug friendly.
Longer day, lucky dogs.

Snug in the little marina at Indiantown

Misc photos:

Typical view of "the ditch"
In the middle of the lake. Go figure.
That bridge is 9 ft tall. We call to have it opened.
The nice lady walks across to get to the pivot control
And away we go!

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