Friday, March 15, 2019

Titusville -- home for a while

Blue faced manatee, just 50 feet from our boat.
I assume the blue isn't its usual color.
We came here to watch the launch, which should be this evening. Starting tomorrow, however, the weather gets iffy, and stays iffy for days. 

The plan was sound: go to Cape Canaveral this morning, watch the launch, drop off the rental first thing in the morning, and get underway. The weather looked just like the trip here, cloudy, rainy, and breezy. While uneventful, it wasn't the best boating day.

Savannah had other plans. When she came out of her crate this morning one eye was gooped shut and swollen. I called a vet first thing, and got her an appointment. Poor girl has a small ulceration, but it can't be ignore. She'll need drops every 4 hour for the next 10 days.

Sad dog with a bad eye
Once we got all that taken care of, however, the morning was over. We won't be able to make the Kennedy Space Station tours. I'd gotten pretty sold on the idea. Meanwhile, Russ got notice that canvas #1 (the stern) would be done today. Given we had a car he wanted to just go and get it.

We hemmed and hawed over what we should do. We even talked about just leaving now, given today's weather was quite lovely. In the end we concluded we'd stay in Titusville through the weekend and into next week. That way we could see the space place, put on the new canvas top, mend the dog a bit, and do other putter jobs around the boat.

Given that delay we've decided to bag the idea of going down the St. Johns River to Green Cove Springs.

On the plus side, the launch is looking good for tonight. Fingers crossed.

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