Tuesday, March 5, 2019

If you're lookin' for a new career...

One of the lucky dogs thanking her rescuer,
who was lying from the back spasm caused by said rescue
Based on my experience of the marine world thus far, if you're looking for a new career, may I recommend anything doing with boats. Not the buying and selling, which can be a drag. But any kind of maintenance, repair, upgrade, or installation. From electronics to canvas, from detailing to bottom cleaning, there is nothing but demand and few to provide.

We met with the two gentlemen this morning who are going to work on the new covers for the boat, one who will do the metal work and the other, the canvas. The back cover will be stationary, and the front would be a bimini top kind of thing. Since we had contacted the providers weeks ago, everyone was ready to go. And yet, the canvas guy is booked two months out! He'd already agreed to work on our back canvas, but can't do the bimini up front until he fulfills his other jobs. And he can't guarantee he can get the back top done before we leave here on Thursday or Friday. He could get it done in the next week or so, so he'll ship it to Titusville, and we'll install it. Wee.

Spent the day running around the east side of Florida, largely to get the mail up in Green Cove Springs. The capper on the day was dinner. It's always a wonderful surprise when you find that little place with outstanding food where you'd least expect it. La Forchetta was just that -- amazing italian food, in a strip mall in Stuart, Fl. We started with butter beans and burrata (crazy good), a couple of small Caesar salads, spaghetti with red sauce, and grilled eggplant Siciliana, which was eggplant, spinach, garlic, parmigiana cheese, and a robust red sauce.

Butter bean & burrata
Eggplant Sicilian (top), broccoli rabe, and spaghetti.
Also, 9oz pours on wine. Yay!

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