Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Monday was a bad day

About four months ago I got a Shingrix shot in San Francisco. The Walgreen's pharmacist warned me that I'll get a sore arm and possible flu-like symptoms. Boy, did I. I was in bed most of the next day with aches, chills, and a slight fever.

If you're unfamiliar with Shingrix, you need two of these suckers somewhere between two and six month apart. At the time of the first I thought I'd just get the second at a Walgreens in New Orleans. But every Walgreens I went to had a wait list with hundreds of names already on it. Apparently, the company had no idea their product would be so popular. We get to Florida, and there's a Walgreens in Palmetto. I go there and, no surprise, they don't have any. Furthermore, they aren't expecting any until December (which is past my six month mark). 

We needed to do some shopping at Walmart, and on a whim I checked with their pharmacy. And they HAD the shot. They were only giving it to those who had the first, so I qualified and happily took it.

Happy, until...

I woke up in tears Monday morning, just bawling. Thinking of all of my incompetencies and fears and life changes and on and on, it took me a couple of hours to realize I was just sick. Fever brain raging with anxiety. I spent the entire day in bed. Gorgeous day outside, but the dogs and I slept for hours. I didn't feel somewhat normal until 7:30 Monday evening. I even slept soundly that night. Thank goodness I don't need another one of those shots.

Tuesday came and I felt like new. Moreover, I was gong-ho to try this boat thing again. Russ and I -- ALL ON OUR OWN -- took the boat out, toodled about the Tampa Bay a bit, then brought her home and docked her. Roughly a three hour tour. We managed not to bang up our boat nor anyone else's boat.

Okay, so now I'm happy.

P.S. Dolphins continue to love our boat. If they're around, they're in our wake. I don't know if we travel at the right speed (only about 9 knots), or the engines sound/feel right, but they seem drawn to us. That also makes me happy.

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