Friday, November 16, 2018

It's still work

Some of you have asked, "Why haven't you taken any photos of the interior yet? We wanna see!" And I'd love to show you. But everyday there's some little thing to do that requires rearranging the furniture to do it. Seems like the place always looks like it was hit with Hurricane Michael.

Okay. You want proof?

I recall a woman who owned a "tiny house" saying the best thing about tiny houses is they clean up quick. The worst thing about tiny houses is they get dirty quick. When the living room is also the garage, there's chaos just to get the tools. And all that? That was to fix some burned out light bulbs. I know, right? The trick to being a good boater is to get rid of your Type-A issues. I'm working on it.

Soon we get a break. Thanksgiving is coming, and my folks are moving (at least for a month) to The Villages, which is a two hour drive north-east of here. We'll stay there for a couple of nights to enjoy the holiday and not work.

Here's a good picture from our rainy day yesterday taken from our bow.

I promise, interior pics will come. Someday.

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