Sunday, November 4, 2018

Getting there, Part 2 -- Our first hitch

Tight fit in the rental van
After days and days of last minute prep and scheduling and planning and execution, after packing, moving trucks, storage lockers, hotel reservations, and weather, we've had our first "no go." 

The morning we were to board and take our boat, George, the previous boat owner, was taken to the ER with respiratory problems. We feel terrible for him -- he's been a great guy. But of course, we feet terrible for us, too. We were so looking forward to this moment.

Even tighter for the dogs at my feet
Russ and George swapped texts this morning, so he's not incapacitated, thankfully. He is key to the current plan. George's slip is in a small canal off the intracoastal. It looks like a tight fit to get in and out of, which is why we asked him for the help. The Old Cove Marina (where we have plans to temporarily stay on the boat) is not far, but we'd feel better if, for this first small voyage, a pro did the job.

After phone calls and schedule shifts, we think we're good to go for tomorrow at 8 am. 

Not all bad, though. We discovered the amazing little Caribbean sushi place that was outstanding. Thus proving, there's always a silver lining.

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