Monday, November 5, 2018

Boat Day!

Cozy in her temporary home
Up around 5 am (remember, we just had daylight savings, so technically it's six), we fed the dogs and walked to a Starbucks nearby. The air was soft, the breeze was pleasant, and we watch first light emerge. A good calm to start the day.

We grabbed some breakfast at the hotel, packed up, and headed to George's place at 8 am. We kept the car in front of the house and took the dogs, keeping them in the state room for the morning.

Captain Scott, our pilot for the maiden voyage, was prompt. After a thorough walk-through and look-over we slowly edged out of the slip and make our way to the intracoastal. At some point Russ took over, and got us to the port, where Scott brought us into the slip. The trip was event free, so wonderful.

Old Port Cove Marina, where we've docked for the next couple of days, has a handy shuttle service that returned both Scott and Russ to George's house to retrieve their cars. Then the work really began, as Russ loaded box after box of stuff that we have to organize and put away. I took my time, doing and redoing the kitchen, which, while open to the saloon, lacks a bit in space. So. I figure we'll have to go out and eat more.

By 5 we'd had enough of work. The day outside (high of 84) cooled nicely. I made us some fruit and yogurt, Russ poured some wine, and we ate on the fly bridge, watching the sunset.
The saloon

Up to bridge

The galley
Russ and Captain Scott on the fly bridge

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