Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Waiting for the holiday in Gulfport

Today we met with Curtis Stokes, which a popular name if you are in the boating world. He's a broker. After much thought, we've decided that we do want to continue boating, but not with this particular boat. Don't get me wrong, we love this boat. So much so, we're buying a boat almost exactly like this one. It has a different floor plan, so it's not exactly like it. The new floor plan with be better for us and geriatric dogs.

Now there's a "for sale" sign on Cat-n-Dogs. Breaks my heart. I really do love this boat.

We're also trying to determine if we'll keep the name Cat-n-Dogs. One of our dogs is getting on. I'd hate to have to explain why we only have one dog when the name is plural.

Near us are a number of boats, and two of them have a "Man of La Mancha" thing going on. Maybe we should take that as a hint. Tilting Windmills? They Might Be Giants? (A band took that one a while ago)


Possible Dream

Totally getting off topic, we seem to be in parrot land.

Look closely in the tree
Gulfport was a bit of a surprise. We'd never been before. It has a bit of an "old Florida" vibe, before grand condominiums and mega-million dollar homes. Cute downtown and nice marina. All near Tampa and St. Petersburg.

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