Thursday, November 21, 2019

Tarpon Springs to Clearwater

I know it seems like we're dragging our heels at this point. We are only 50 miles from crossing our wake, you'd think we'd want to hurry up and get it done, right? But we're already feeling the "now what?" syndrome that seems to plague loopers once they get the gold.

Moreover, we just don't have a plan yet. We'd like to buy a slip on Longboat Key and move there for the winter. But other, um, things are getting in the way of that (more info on that later). Then holidays are coming (Thanksgiving is next week!). So making plans is just a little tough for us.

The crossing was only tarnished by a couple of bozo boaters who can't slow down. While the bodies of water look wide, there really isn't water everywhere more than a few inches. So we all stay in a channel, which is fairly narrow. One meathead flew by us within 10 feet of our beam, with 4 honkin' outboards that waked the snot out of us. And he did it again as he returned, just 20 minutes later. I'm sure this was his only day off all month and by golly he's gonna make the most of it, but he rocked not just us but several other boaters who also are trying to have a great day. Dude, just sayin'.

Farewell, Tarpon Springs. Whose little town I didn't
explore much due to lousy weather. Maybe next time.
We're here in Clearwater for a couple of days. Then my folks and my visiting niece will join us tomorrow for the short jaunt to Gulfport on Saturday, where we'll stay for a couple of nights. Then... we don't know. Maybe we'll stay longer in Gulfport, maybe we'll get to Tampa or St. Petersburg for the holiday week. Who knows where the tide will take us. 

Maybe ever across our wake...
Some boats just go to Tarpon Springs to retire.

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