Saturday, November 16, 2019

Tarpon Springs to Tarpon Springs (City Marina)

Been a couple of days since this happened but we moved from one marina just around the corner to the city marina. It's a little cheaper and closer to downtown. They have a deal here where if you buy 6 nights you get the 7th one free. Between some running around and entertaining, we decided to stay here for a while. Besides, the weather is junky these days, with gloomy skies and blustery winds. It wouldn't be fun to move the boat even though we would be in protected waters.
Sponge boat in Tarpon Springs

Tarpon Springs boasts to have the largest Greek population in the world outside of Greece. It's also the sponge capital of the world. In fact, the marina is located near the sponge docks. 

We've taken a number of trips around the coast over the last couple of days. Our Great Loop journey began in Palmetto, which is just south of here across the Tampa Bay. (We officially won't "cross our wake" until we cross the bay). Some of our favorite food eateries called to us, requiring some re-exploration, resulting in road trips. 
My dogs are so weird. Look at the seat belt clip under
her left leg. That cannot be comfortable!

Additionally, we're checking out Longboat Key, which has some slips for sale. The idea of a "home address" (of sorts) is appealing. Besides, we know first hand that finding slips for any length of time as a transient is tough in Florida this time of year. It's winter, and the boating snowbirds are flocking down, if they haven't reached the southern shores already.

This particular marina was created in the 60s, when they dredged out land to put in the docks. When you buy a slip, you literally are purchasing the land beneath your slip. 

Yes. You're buying land that is already underwater. Florida!

So not a go-day!

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