Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Looks like Thursday

Oooooooo! Shiny!
Today, Tuesday, we completed the last of our tasks. Well, not strictly true, since there are a couple more we'll do while underway, like replace the courtesy lights (if we can find some that fit the boat and are easy to install), install the new remote for the dinghy (which we'll pick up in Green Cove Springs either next week or when we travel there), and replace the gasket on the large, front window that leaks (another reason to get to GCS).

But the last task to be done here in Palmetto is complete. The new batteries are installed.

Best buds
Tomorrow we'll get some packages, put the scooters in storage, and, well, that's it. Mostly we're waiting for the weather, which is a bit gloomy and windy. That should clear out by mid-day Wednesday. We'll head out early Thursday morning.

The current plan is to go outside, and try to get as far as Ft. Myers, or near there. That will give us a few days to get to Stuart, which we may need to cross Lake Okeechobee. Not we're expecting bad water there, but it's the only other large body between us and our destination. We're planning on being in Stuart by Monday, when they start working on our back awning. 

And possibly our bimini top in the front. Fingers crossed!

Another wonderful sunset

Just your average buzzard hangin' out on the dock.
Wait... what?!

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