Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Getting ready... getting giddy about it, too!

New davit on left, bits on deck
next to the anchor.
We continue to putter about the boat, making adjustments and readying ourselves for the trip. We've accomplished a LOT. For the new anchor we've installed the davit, two mooring bitts on the bow, and got a hefty rope for the anchor's rode. We purchased a couple of bean bags chairs, which we've used nightly now since the weather's turned warm. Russ stocked up on various engine parts and filters he'll need along the way. Stuff and stuff and stuff!

We hoped to head out Feb 25, but after our test outing we decided we really wanted to double our battery capacity. While the new solar panels keep our batteries charged at 100 percent all day, over night on anchor, with little more that the fridge and a small fan running, we got down to 54%. The new batteries couldn't be installed until the 26th. We hope to start out journey a day or two after that, weather permitting.

We went to Marathon to look at marinas,
possibly for next winter.
Russ has been swapping emails and stories with another couple who have an Endeavour 40 power-cat, just a year newer than ours. One modification they made was to add a canvas top over the transom, which is the deck on the stern. We've decided to do the same, using the same installers. They're in Stuart, Florida. They already know about how much material they'll need, and told us it should be a three day job. So, our first official stop will be there, giving us our first experience of upgrades/repairs while on the loop.

This week the curtains should be installed. I'm hoping that livens up our salon a bit. This is going to be home, after all.

My lot in Lehigh Acres.
Apparently, there was a recent fire.
Over the past weekend we took a trip to Miami to attend the international boat show. We went there to get some ideas, and think of other upgrades that might appeal to us as we go. Things like an espar heater for hot water, which uses diesel fuel instead of electricity (tech our RV used). Or solutions to shade the bow of the boat (we had a woman here in Palmetto signed up to do the job, but she bagged on us), and we found a couple we're pretty excited about. We discovered SeaSucker, a company right here in Bradenton that makes uber-strong suction cups. At their booth they had TVs, bars loaded with drinks, and kayaks, all affixed using these things. We bought a drink caddy for the fly deck, and have an order in for generic cups, so we can use them for whatever.

Hopefully, we'll be underway before the end of the month.

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