Friday, January 4, 2019

Non-boat life

Back in F5, Regatta Pointe Marina
Back in Palmetto we immediately filled our calendar with "things to do." There's a huge list of upgrade and gadgets we want to add to the boat, everything from a second anchor and davit system to curtains to make the place look more homey. 

Additionally, there are some repairs that need to be addressed. For example, on this last trip we lost one of our two depth gauges. Remember the running aground thing? The gauge we have was always more conservative than the other gauge (not sure why, probably different locations on the boat). It frequently reads shallower than we are, making it hard to guess just how shallow the water is. Having two gauges gave more information, which is always better. 

On the 41 bridge heading to Bradenton.
That's Regatta Pointe in the distance.
Since Christmas the weather has been much warmer. We've spent most the days in shorts and t-shirts -- a proper Florida winter! We took a number of scooter rides; one to get the scooters Florida license plates which ended in a tasty trip to Culver's for frozen custard, and another to "the island" (Anna Maria Island) for lunch. 

Today another storm will come through and things will cool off a little. 

The only other boating thing we have planned is to spend a night away on anchor somewhere. Not far, just a trial run on the process. Not to mention a trial run for the dogs, who'll need to dinghy to the shore for "breaks." Should be exciting for everyone!

Gotta admit, I'm curious about "beer yoga."

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