Sunday, December 16, 2018

Day 5 -- Meeting the Anchor People

We stayed on Captiva on the way in from W.P.B.
The map is confused...
Around 5 am in the morning we woke to the sound of rain. I didn't think the weather would impact our travel (a shower is never a problem) but as far as I knew it was supposed to be clear. We got out of bed around 5:30, fed and walked the dogs. While completely dark the sky was full of stars. Where the heck did the rain come from? Where did it go? Another Florida mystery.

Boca Grande was an amazing marina; small and enthusiastic. They even had folks come out to help us off. The day was sunny and warm (74) and the water calm. While surrounded with boaters of all kinds throughout the day, everything from ferries to kayaks to Sea Rays that cast 4 foot wakes, the trip was uneventful and peaceful. Russ did most of the piloting while I made lunch and sat on the bow with the dogs.

It took us about four hours to get to Ft. Myers Beach. Our destination was Salty Sam's Marina. The slip was (again) a stern in, and even tighter than the one in Sarasota. I swear we squeezed into the space, rubbing our sides as we backed in. 

Once docked and settled I made up the guest room. The anchor people are coming tonight. We'll go out tomorrow and spend the day at sea, anchoring (I assume). They'll leave us Tuesday morning.

Salty Sam's! It's a grand place.

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